The Moment I Threw Your Toothbrush Away

By:Anna Akana

Confession: I've accidentally used your toothbrush a few times I can never remember what color I am! Except at your place, where obviously, I'm the pink one "I didn't get it cause you're a girl," You said But now, I know exactly which is yours I pick up the green one next to my blue

Clutch it in my hands like a bible over an open fire Knowing if I let go, I'm admitting There is no God. That turning our backs on this temple does nothing.

No more of your silly Egyptian dance by the sink Hips knocking together, bones locking in tune Open mouths laughing, minty kisses collecting the sound Everything we held sacred turns to sin. Wrapping your long arms around me from behind Wiggling your eyebrows at our naked form in the mirror Singing hymns into my hair. The quirks that make up our church.

I close my eyes and try to feel you out there Across the concrete river between us in your basement sanctuary, maybe you're holding my pink toothbrush in your hand too wondering what to do I don't feel you. I used to feel you out there. Always. Even when you were half a world away.

But believing in us is blasphemy if you don't believe in me

With a silent prayer, I let the toothbrush fall from my fingers into the trash...............

*~Hear Me~*